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Everything starts by zeroing in on the factors that make a difference in your business— from your perspective on ownership, control and liquidity, to the key challenges and opportunities you may face. Understanding these factors can play an important role in addressing your lifestyle and personal goals. 

Evan Belaga CFP, CLU, ChFC will help review the strategies you have in place and, if appropriate, share alternatives to consider. Retirement and Benefits Assessment. Having the proper benefits plan is an important recruiting and retention tool. We can help you review the benefits your business offers—including retirement, stock incentive plans, nonqualified deferred-compensation plans and employee-retention strategies—from the perspective of both employer and employee. Risk Review. It is important to understand and protect against unforeseen events that can jeopardize the value— or even the continuity—of your business. Identifying these risks is the first step in helping to protect against them. Succession or Exit-Plan Assessment. Planning ahead is vital as you look toward the next chapter of your business’ history. Whether selling a business—in whole or in part—or passing one on, there are a number of different exit strategies that can be considered. Family Wealth Plan. Your business is a critical element of your personal wealth plan. We can help ensure that decisions made for one complement the other so that personal wealth and business wealth work together to increase the value of both. Key-Documents Organization. You want to be sure you, as well as your spouse and/or beneficiaries, can access all your critical documents (powers of attorney, shareholder agreements, insurance policies, wills, etc.) when they are needed. 

Traditional financial planning has left many business owners far behind in achieving their retirement goals. Basic 401(k) & profit-sharing plans are often not adequate for business owners and key employees. New laws in the tax code now allow small business owners to take advantage of the huge deductions large corporations have enjoyed for years with top line deductions up to 5 times higher than those of traditional 401(k) and profit sharing plans.  Watch this video

aSecureRetirement employs a team of credentialed experts with extensive experience that are able to examine your current planning strategies and offer well researched, time-tested solutions to help you optimize your financial goals. 

You can engage with an aSR consultant by phone, face to face, or in a virtual meeting from anywhere in the country. aSR operates in all 50 states.

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Insurance & Retirement Strategies:

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For anyone with the need for a large amount of life insurance. This video explains how they can finance the cost of insurance with little or no cash outlay.

For incorporated small business owners. This video explains IRC section 162, and the use of corporate dollars to fund their own private retirement plan with tax free income.

Watch this video if you are a small business owner over age 50, with no more than five employees. It explains a way to fund discriminatory benefit with huge tax deductions using only annuities.

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